TOGCHAT EP6: Is it ok to work for free in order to build a photography portfolio?

Episode 6 of the TOGCHAT Photography Podcast with Joe Edelman.

This week’s photography questions include:

– Is it a smart move to do work for free when I am starting out so that I can build my portfolio or will that make it harder for me to charge customers later?

– I have been using Portrait Pro Studio as a Lightroom plugin ? I love the preset adjustments. Is there anything similar that you think is as good or better?

– For the business side of photography, do you have a resource that you recommend for company templates forms for things like sale receipts, invoices, order forms and contracts?

– Do you need a signed release from a makeup artist.

– I recently read an article on session fees and why you should not charge them. Made some sense. Can you share your thoughts on this practice?

– Do photographers need to have a trademark for their brand?

– I am looking for some quick release plates for my camera bodies and lens. What brand to you recommend?

– What lighting setup or posing approach works best when photographing an overweight or obese woman?

– How concerned should I be about flash duration, if I am shooting hair flips? What would be the slowest flash duration you would accept?

– Suggestions for how to shoot animals while in action?

– Are there good reasons to use a tilt shift lens for portraiture? I thought I saw someone in the group use one.

– I am having difficulties with autofocus. I have a loss of at least 50% always, I have read everything about it, I even tried to use fine adjustments for this … but the problem continues.

– What would be the best options for off camera flash with TTL

– I am considering doing night fashion photography. What portable LED lights do you recommend?

– I that a Konika T on camera left on top of the shelve behind you?

– I am having trouble getting AF lock through aquarium glass with a Sony a6000. Someone said try a Polarizer but I’m not sure it’s worth it. Should I just wait for a 5Dmk4 or 6Dmk 2

– In terms of pricing my work, what would be a good yardstick?

– I am wanting to refocus my business from fine art nature to portrait…what is the best way to change my image? New web-site and name?

– I find doing night portrait shots they are just too noisy at ISO 1000 when trying to bring in the ambient light with a Canon 7D Mark II. Any suggestions?

– Can you make a recommendation for a good client proofing tool?

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