TOGCHAT EP7: Can I use the photos from a TFP shoot on social media?

Episode 7 of the TOGCHAT Photography Podcast with Joe Edelman.

This week’s photography questions include:

– After doing a TFP shoot the subject of my photos has asked me to remove them from social media. By law do I have to remove them or as the creator can I still use them?

– Since I started this photography addiction, I’ve mostly only done street photography with my 50mm lens. How can I make $$$ when I cant afford other lenses?

– I recently traded my Crop Sensor (D3300) to a Full Frame (D600). If I set my FX body in DX mode will this eliminate all of the distortion issues that I have read about using DX glass on FX bodies.

– I am building my home studio, using one monolight with softbox, I want to create the black drama effect. How should i proceed?

– I’m doing my first studio shoot and I’m going to be using a beauty dish any tips on grids?

– I have some cool shots of random people that I took candidly on the streets of London, is it okay to use them for my portfolio and self promotion on social media?

– When you go on a trip/vacation with your wife, what camera would you bring or just your phone?

– Must you format your sd card?

– Do I need a model release to create a street Photography book ofcandid shots?

– I volunteer and work with vulnerable adults so I have to have a DBS check yearly is this worth mentioning on my own website?

– I am interested in taking a silhouette type picture outdoors, what advice can you give me?

– Are there any disadvantages of natural lighting when editing?

– Do you change your picture style settings in your camera? If so, any settings advice on portraits?

– Is there much of a lighting difference between a 32″ octobox or 47″? I’m not good at visualizing the size difference.

– When is the follow up session for Google analytics?

– Do you know of a great retouching checklist for things to make sure you do for a retouch?

– Is there a way to make a quick buck in photography?

– In closer portraits there is too much stuff in eyes with umbrellas. Do you have preferences for the catch lights?

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