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The TOGCHAT Photography Podcast TogChat Photography Podcastis a weekly photography podcast based on the popular YouTube livestream of the same name. ( )

Episodes are released every Friday and cover all things photography with the emphasis on learning and discussing the HOW’S and WHY’S behind making consistently great photographs.

New to the game or a seasoned pro, if are working to improve your photography skills, this is the podcast for you.

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From your host, Joe Edelman…

My goal with TOGCHAT™ is to give you a weekly boost.  Well. maybe I should just go ahead and call it a shove to keep you motivated and excited about the creative possibilities that exist with your camera.  I shoot with Olympus cameras and lenses, but don’t worry, while I might make jokes about the camera wars I am a firm believe that there are no bad cameras on the market today, but there are lots of bad photographers.  So I have made it my mission to help photographers to develop a better understanding of the HOWS and WHATS behind great photographs.

With that in mind the TOGCHAT™ Live Photography Podcast will include interviews with other photographers from all genres.  The interviews will be about their thought process and how they work though their creative process to create great images.Gear reviews of useful accessories from my studio, but NEVER cameras or lenses.  And the very popular Photography Q&A where I answer photographers questions in real time will be a part of every episode.

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