TOGCHAT™ Podcast Ep 3: What lens do you recommend for portraits? – and more

Episode 3 of the TOGCHAT Photography Podcast with Joe Edelman.

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This week’s questions include:

– If I am considering buying a beauty dish.  Should I go with Silver or White and WHY?

– You often talk about shooting for the eyes, in some of your images the model gazes past the camera. I love those, but do you prefer the model looking at the camera or looking past the camera?

– I’m about to shoot my 1st modeling portfolio for a potential model. I’ve been following your website. What can I as the photographer do to make sure I am doing a good job?

– I am looking for a portrait lens for my Canon 5d mk2.  If you could only buy one lens would you get?

– What is the best way to approach a woman about photographing her without sounding like an Old Guy With a Camera.

– Any tips on event photography with on camera speedlight? I’m having trouble capturing the backgrounds in this scenario.

– Do you ever use a Light Meter?

– I was thinking that I would post in my towns Facebook group that for a set period I would like to take headshots for free for people’s profiles. After that the sessions would have a fee attached. What are your thoughts on this kind of marketing?

– What lens would you recommend for portraits?

– What is a good gear insurance for a location photographer.

– If I use a color calibrated IPS monitor, why would my photos look way different on my iPad and Android phone?

– What the best way of using both Studio and portable flash at the same time?

– Will PPA bring you more customers?

– Knowing that the most important factor is not the technology? in these days is it possible to be competitive, in a commercial way, working “old school” (analog)?

– I want to focus more on headshots. What’s the best way to market myself as a headshot photographer?

– I had an Instagram page of landscapes w/shapes. It got stolen from me along with the email I used. Should I remake the page or use another platform?

– I’ve been doing event photography. Lot of group shot and portraits. My lens is f/4. Should I an f/2.8 lens

– Have you heard of MagMod Light Modifiers? What are your thoughts?

– ND filter or HSS? when to use what? and which is better? Do I need $200 worth of ND.

– Is going to bridal showers a good way to break into wedding photography?

– Any good books that can help with getting the most out of a Nikon D810?

– A young teen male asked me to do a model shoot. I am not sure he has the typical model look. Is there such a thing as a Model look for male teens?

– Upgrading Studio floor: hardwood or 18% Gray?

– Do strobes with modeling lights make it easier to learn lighting techniques?

– 1:10:25 – What’s the best background material for location shooting to avoid wrinkles?

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