The TOGKnowledge Learning Community by Joe Edelman

If you would like to join – read to the bottom of the page and watch the video.

You might be wondering, WHAT is TOGKnowledge?

TOGKnowledge is the experience you gain with a camera in your hand. TOGKnowledge is the learning that happens when the “rubber meets the road.” TOGKnowledge is what you achieve by taking all the information you have read, heard, or watched in a video and putting it to practice to learn the way humans learn best – by doing.

TOGKnowledge is a supportive and focused community dedicated to helping each other advance our photography skills in a more productive and supportive way than you will find on Facebook or in other online communities.

What will I find at TOGKnowledge?

Passionate Photographers! Lots of them! We have photographers from 25 different countries participating in the community.

You will find people of all different skill levels who have a passion for improving their photography and are willing to share what they know and learn from what is shared.

You will find me there and have direct access to me. I participate in the conversations, and I am available via direct message.

You can share your photographs with photographers from around the world. We have the Photo Share Channel, which is a “love only” channel. No reviews, no feedback, nothing negative. We also have an Image Review Channel where you can get feedback from community members and a video review of your image from me.

I do weekly community video meetups that are free to attend.

You can participate in the daily Photo Quote Challenge, where I post a photography quote from a well-known photographer, and you post an image that illustrates the quote.

New Features are being added each week.

Does it COST anything?

Nope! Nothing, Nada! – It is free to join and participate, but if you are going to stay – you should participate. Lurking will not benefit you very much, and I will purge members who do not contribute at least twice a year.

WHY TOGKnowledge?

You may have heard about my experience being banned from Facebook. This served as a wake-up call for me to find a way to build a community that I control and own the content of.

I also realized that I lowered my education standards to appease lazy people on Facebook. They just wanted to be entertained and pretend to improve their photography.

Ready to join?

Watch this video for important details

and then Click Here to Join

** You will be asked to upload a profile photo.  It must show your face so make a nice first impression!

You will be asked to answer 4 simple questions about you and your photography. A little effort please, these answers will be visible to all members of the community.

Last, you are required to share a link to your Instagram profile or a website where we can view your photography.  Your work will not be reviewed or critiqued.  This is so that as you comment and join discussions, other county members can get a sense of your experience and skill level which provides context to your comments.

Please be sure to copy and paste URL’s.  Don’t type them.


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