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Udi Tirosh — The Creative Mind Behind Spiffy Gear Lighting

Episode #236 of the TOGCHAT Photography Podcast

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My guest is Udi Tirosh — The creative mind behind Spiffy Gear Lighting

Spiffy Gear is an innovative lighting company based in Israel, specializing in creating newly designed LED lighting products for photographers, filmmakers, and vloggers.

Founded in 2013 by entrepreneur Udi Tirosh, Spiffy Gear creates versatile and innovative lighting tools for content creators and the video industry.Udi Tirosh of Spiffy Gear

Tens of thousands of Spiffy Gear products are currently in use at film and photography sets worldwide, bringing the best in creativity to filmmakers and photographers alike.
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Photo Quote

If you try to get famous you won’t, but if you don’t care you probably will. You’ve got to stick to your guns, too, because once you back down you’re finished.”
— David Bailey

This quote comes to us from an icon — David Bailey.

This quote is so ahead of its time and incredibly appropriate in today’s social media world. Most importantly I feel that it speaks to the idea that a creative – has to be willing to live and die by their creative choices. You can only do your best work if you do YOUR work and not try to paint inside the lines provided by rules or other people’s opinions of what your work should be.

David Bailey is an English fashion and portrait photographer. Born in 1939, Bailey became a fashion rockstar in the 1960’s. He began shooting for British Vogue and was shooting covers within months, and, at the height of his productivity, he shot 800 pages of Vogue editorial in one year.

Considered one of the pioneers of contemporary photography, David Bailey is credited with photographing some of the most compelling images of the last five decades. He first rose to fame making stars of a new generation of models including Jean Shrimpton and Penelope Tree. Since then his work has never failed to impress and inspire critics and admirers alike, capturing iconic images of legends such as: The Rolling Stones and Kate Moss. His use of stark black and white backgrounds, closely cropped shots and sharp lighting lead to a new era of fashion photography.

I invite you to check out Ralph Gibson’s work and learn from the attention to detail and bold graphic style that he presents in multiple genres of photography..

Talent Under 30

This week’s Talent Under 30 photographer is Cleveland Ohio based Justin Gamble.

At 25 years of age, it is fair to call Justin both extremely talented and also potentially an overachiever of the most successful kind.

In addition to being a very talented wedding and portrait photographer from Cleveland, Ohio, Justin founded the largest community for creatives in NorthEast Ohio, Cleveland Creates which was founded with the idea of a community of like minded creatives set on building a more positive and engaged creative community through collaboration, networking, and education. On a monthly basis they host a variety of networking, collaboration, education, and community building events.

I had the good fortune of meeting Justin at the Pixel Photo Fest in Cleveland in 2019 and also attending an event put on by his group Cleveland Creates.

The city of Cleveland is lucky to have talented and educated individuals like Justin and I want you to remember his name – he has a great future ahead of him

Remember the name Justin Gamble — he has a great future in this industry.

Check out Cleveland, Ohio based wedding and portrait photographer Justin Gamble

You can help me out and “hold the door open” for a young photographer

If you know of an incredibly talented photographer of any genre – under the age of 30 who is creating exceptional work – please share his or her Instagram handle with me so that I can check them out and possibly feature them here on TOGCHAT.

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