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Video Modeling Portfolios – The Future Is Here NOW!


That’s right – VIDEO modeling portfolios.

Video is changing the game for models and photographers in this industry.  The train has left the station and it is coming down the tracks. Video modeling portfolios are the future and the future is NOW!

I know the concept of CHANGE is scary for a lot of you but please remember… there was a time when somebody suggested painting on paper or canvas instead of cave walls and a lot of people said that guy was an idiot.  Not that long ago people suggested that books could be replaced by electronic reading devices…  Where do people come up with this stuff?  🙂

Watch the VIDEO…

All you shooters out there… before  we begin the battle over which is better… stills or video – that’s not what this is about… it is my opinion that the still image will ALWAYS have value and be able to show us things that our minds cannot recognize at 24 or 30 frames per second.

This is about MARKETING.  Video modeling portfolios sell a models ability to ACT – to portray the character that the client needs for their print ad or commercial.

Now the problem for advertisers is that MOST modeling portfolios SUCK!  They are simply a collection of pretty pictures of a girl that are often times not flattering or just as bad… they are a collection of incredibly creative images that highlight the talents of the photographer and makeup artist and NOT the model.

A GREAT modeling portfolio is NOT about the girl.  Advertisers don’t care about her style or how she likes to do things.  They want to see how she will look as the characters that they are likely hire her to portray.

Remember when she walks into an agency or a casting – she is standing right there with the portfolio – they can see how she REALLY looks.

A modeling portfolio needs to tell the story of who the girl can be… how old… how young.  It must show a variety of expressions and a collection of characters that she can portray convincingly.

Now let’s be honest… A good photographer can make anyone look like a superstar in 1/250th of a second.

This is where video modeling portfolios change the game.  At 24 to 30 frames per second a video allows the client to not only see what the girl looks like… but it allows them to get a sense of her personality, how she moves, her level of confidence, and her ability to talk on camera.  And the big bonus for clients… all of this with NO PHOTOSHOP!  They get to see what they are really working with.

Talk to any advertiser who hires models… I assure you they have more than one horror story of the model they hired who had an incredible portfolio and when she arrived on set they found out she was a nervous Nellie or had absolutely no camera presence at all.

The portfolio that I am about to show you is of a young 19 year old college student in the Philadelphia market.  This young lady has never modeled before – she is a beginner.

The video modeling portfolio featured at the top of this article is much more extravagant than the portfolios that will eventually be produced for every day use but I wanted to show you the potential of video for marketing and selecting models.

This concept can be expanded to include cold reads or monologues for acting purposes and if a model has clips from commercials they have appeared in, those clips can be included like an actors demo reel.

A video modeling portfolio that combines real-time images of the model talking, walking and acting, along with still images that show how well she photographs is MUCH more valuable and effective than a book comprised of just still images.

Now for you photographers who aren’t shooting video yet… these video modeling portfolios won’t be the standard for a few years yet.  But they are coming so don’t get left behind.  Some of New York’s top fashion agencies including Ford Models are already shooting short video clips of their models show to clients.

For the models that are reading this article, the days of hiding behind Photoshop and not having to ACT are coming to an end.  Modeling is ACTING and you DO need to know how to move and pose with confidence so get your butt in front of the mirror now.  Hopefully it goes without saying that you need to stay in shape.  If you don’t like the way you look in the mirror – you won’t like the way you look on video.

Watch the VIDEO…

Click here to view sample Video Modeling Portfolios on YouTube


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