What do past workshop attendees have to say

I have been teaching photography workshops and giving lectures all across the United States. Here are just a few of the comments from people who have attended.

“I just wanted to send you a quick note to say thanks so much for such an educational and truly “mind expanding” experience. You really left me considering SO much more than just camera settings, and I have a new appreciation on developing a relationship with a model & MUA to collaboratively create art. The weekend photography workshop really went beyond what I expected. Thanks for that!”
Charles A. Wynn – Phoenix, Arizona

“I have been attending photography workshops and seminars regularly over the past ten years. I have traveled from Main to Tampa, from New Orleans to Vegas. I have seen many programs given by every level of speaker imaginable. With all of those experiences to go by, I can honestly say that Joe Edelman is the real deal. His program was brilliantly presented, well organized and pertinent. Joe’s outgoing personality, love of photography, and willingness to share his vast knowledge and experience truly make him one of the best speakers available. Do yourself a favor and make it a point to see this amazing talent as soon as possible, you won’t be sorry.”
Adrian Henson – Program Director – PPofNC (Professional Photographers of North Carolina)

“By far this was the most relevant, organized and controlled workshop instructor we have had in. I am in awe of Joe and very grateful for the information he brought to the studio and attendees. EVERYONE from the creative team, models and photographers walked away with a wealth of knowledge, a feeling of being able to take the info he provided and walk away being able to use it productively in their own work. Bravo. Joe Edelman is a class act.”
When Paddison – Seattle, WA

“I have participated in two of Joe’s workshops over the past 14 months. After each workshop I have seen a significant improvement in the quality of my work…and isn’t that the point of workshops? Joe has met and, in most cases, exceeded my expectations at every step in the process. As you would expect, Joe has an extensive knowledge of photography. But Joe will freely share with you his depth of experience in marketing and in portfolio presentation. If you think becoming successful in the business of photography is all about taking great portraits, you need to speak with Joe. Joe is a true professional in this business and I will be forever in his debt. I am also happy that I have made a lifelong friend.”
Roy Guy – Youngstown, Ohio

“Very informative. Lots of hands on. Learned a lot about interaction with models and received great feedback from instructor.”
Graham Taylor – Richmond, Wales

“Professional. Exciting. I learned a lot about communicating with models. It was great to learn about the psychology of shooting models.”
Mathew Dwyer – Nashville, TN

“What part of excellent wasn’t covered? Between the stunning images, excellent insights and great dialog, I can’t say enough good things. Thanks Joe.”
Dave Scott – Seattle, WA

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“One word – incredible! I would have to classify this workshop as probably the best one I have ever been to. I had an idea in mind of what I wanted to get out of the weekend and I got it in spades: How do you plan a shoot, what if the model is inexperienced, how do you see the picture you want, how would I handle shooting a woman with no clothes on, etc. I found out what lighting gave me the look I wanted and the poses to get the form that I pre-visualized. Joe is an excellent teacher and his ideas are to the point and easily understood. He really put us through the grinder – not a second wasted.”
Dick Goebel – Eastern Shore, MD

“Joe’s insight into the human psyche and how to use that to bring out the best in people in photographs was exceptional and extremely useful. And, I love how his “magic” lighting is really extremely basic. It’s not about the lighting (as long as it works). It’s not about the other gear. It’s about the person and bringing out what’s inside of them and capturing that in a “Wow!” image. If you missed this, you really missed out.”
Ernie Glazener – Seattle, WA

“Good practical knowledge…very informative and hands-on. Learned a lot about interacting with models.”
Tim McGovern – Baltimore, MD

“It was timely, it was relevant, and Joe is a wonderful, wonderful teacher. Mind = blown, for so many different reasons. And just because I feel like sharing this observation: it felt like a family in there. “It was a great weekend” doesn’t even begin to cover it. Joe, wow. Do I talk about Joe the instructor, or Joe the father figure? First off, Joe can lecture, demonstrate, and explain up a storm. His eye for detail and the mechanics of anatomy is unbelievable (it’s black magic to me). It takes a really good ability to read people and understand people to accomplish what he did. Anyway I should just say that I’ve never seen anything quite like this before.”
Caleb Pong – Seattle, WA

“Great. Very hands on. I loved getting to shoot so much, and I learned to keep trying things.”
Jenna Fletcher – Coopersburg, PA

“This was a brilliant event with a very positive uplifting lecture held by a truly inspiring man…”
Mark Hinwood – Seattle, WA

“Joe, It was great meeting you when you were at Baltimore Camera Club speaking. Your work is awesome, and what I like the most is you break all of the rules.”
Chris Capizzi – Baltimore, MD

“Fantastic workshop and a very fun event… Joe set a high bar to beat!”
Salim Alam – Seattle, WA

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