The LAST FRAME LIVE photography livestream with Joe Edelman focuses on the HOW’S and WHY’S behind making consistently great photographs.

Regardless of your skill level, if you are working to improve your photography, this is the photography livestream for you.
The LAST FRAME airs LIVE on YouTube every Wednesday evening at 6:00PM ET US.  Be sure to bookmark this page to see the latest episode and follow me on social media for reminders.
Each week, The LAST FRAME focuses on a different photography topic with no scripts, no razzle dazzle, no canned presentations. I do my best to give you a lesson or demo, live interview or series of tips based strictly on my experience — in other words — how I do it. No rules. No bullet points, No top 5 ways, I share my ways of doing it so that you can get an inside understanding of how another photographer works.
I do hope you’ll join me for the next episode of The LAST FRAME LIVE and let me help you improve your photography. Remember, your BEST SHOT – it’s your NEXT SHOT — and I want to help you make it a great one.
— Joe Edelman

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